An ideal solution for restaurants to simplify the order taking and delivery processes and provide a totally centralized kitchen order taking and management system. This application will handle various processes like menu preparation, seat allotting, order delivery, add to cart or selecting the product for the order, cook availability checking, billing process, order closing and final account assessment. This application will greatly simplify and speed up the entire order taking and delivery process.

Our solution consists of a windows based back end software, an Android Tablet or mobile with our K.O.T android application installed for order taking and a Wi-Fi Printer in the kitchen. Optionally an embedded device with an LCD TV can also be used in the kitchen, instead of a Wi-Fi printer.

Menu Item list with Ingredients, Prices, Other Master information like Tables, Remarks, Devices are created.
Waiters Move to the Table, Select the Table, Item, Qty and Remark if any and then place Order.
Order will be registered at Server and the information will be send to the Kitchen by Kitchen printer or on Screen.
Once the Order is ready the same will be intimated to the Waiter.
VMore KOT from the same table can be taken and the same can be executed in the same way.
Further Once the KOT is complete the Bill can be issued then and there.
Alternatively the Bill can be generated in the PC Side and the Payments can be received there.